Stronger than any dirt!

ATLANTIC Bike Clean is a powerful cleaner for your entire bike and its components. It shows no mercy for dirt while treating your bike with care. ATLANTIC Bike Clean dissolves all types of heavy soiling. The special formula even removes chain lubricant remnants without any residue. It is also ideal for chain cleaning. With distinctions such as “Easiest handling”, “Fastest application” and “Superior cleaning effect”, the numerous practical tests that ATLANTIC Bike Clean has undergone prove that it is the clear winner. Spray the cleaner directly on the bicycle or part, let it sit for two minutes and then rinse with water.

Item No.: 5194E Content: 500 ml spray bottle Packing unit: 12 pcs.


For the love of the bike!

When it comes to the reliable cleaning and maintenance of painted and unpainted metal parts, ATLANTIC Bike Shine is a superior cult product. Over generations, millions of cyclists, professional bikers and bike repair shops have been relying on ATLANTIC Bike Shine on a daily basis. A high-tech formula and an extra dose of a love for bikes is what makes ATLANTIC Bike Shine so unique. ATLANTIC Bike Shine cleans and preserves all of the painted and metal parts, prevents rust and facilitates regular maintenance. It simultaneously displaces moisture and forms a preservative gloss layer. Apply ATLANTIC Bike Shine on a clean cloth and rub all of the painted and metal parts – done! It produces a rich shine and protection without having to polish.

Item No.: 4394E Content: 500 ml spray bottle Packing unit: 12 pcs.


Stay smooth!

The new High End chain fluid for any type of weather. OILSKIN is just as suitable for muddy mountain bike tours as it is for dry racing sprints. It offers an extremely stable lubricating film that doesn’t stick together and provides a significantly longer lubricating effect than conventional chain oils. OILSKIN is weatherproof, pressure resistant, robust and smooth.

Item No.: 3775E Content: 50 ml squeeze bottle Packing unit: 27 pcs.


To perform at the highest level!

ATLANTIC® CHAIN GREASE PTFE is a versatile and highly specialized bicycle chain lubricant. Be it in dry or wet conditions, or for everyday or sports-related use, it is a durable chain protector that makes a noticeable difference. A thin protective film keeps long-term friction at a minimum, and the Teflon particles contained within ensure extremely long lubrication intervals. Special polymers provide a high degree of wear protection. Precise gear shifting, a quiet ride and economical chain protection are guaranteed. Particularly creep-capable and adhesive. O-ring neutral.

Item No.: 3592E Content: 150 ml spray can Packing unit: 12 pcs.